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Photography Challenges For Beginners


  1. Macro photography beginners.
  2. Capturing light …
  3. 3 creative ingredients
  4. Nature photography #12. posted
  5. Project theme ideas
  6. 1800s photo projects

Tips for macro photography beginners. Being curious about how digital cameras can capture macro so easily I investigated the subject. Here are my findings, gained by chatting to the tech expert at a major camera company.

Beginners Questions. Welcome to the Beginners Questions Forum, the place for beginners to ask questions and get advice from more experienced forum members.

Remember, photography is all about capturing light … Trying to capture “action” shots with the iPhone is a challenge. The iPhone makes up for its lack of action shooting capability with its High …

There are several good lens options for macro photography. You could use extension … and you have a real challenge. A high shutter speed is therefore recommended especially for beginners. Begin with …

10 Challenges to Quickly Improve Your Photography Portrait photography is by far one of the most popular genres of photography, and it comes with its own sets of challenges and things you should keep in mind. If you’re new to portrait work, this …

Tripod. Tripods are useful in most walks of photography, but in astrophotography they’re a necessity.You’ll be using shutter speeds that far exceed those at which you can handhold the camera, so mounting it on a good, sturdy tripod is a must.

DIY Photography Backlighting for Beginners 3 creative ingredients for Every Photo You Take The Importance of Shadows in Portrait Photography A Beginners Guide to Taking Portraits of Elderly Clients: Part 2 – Lighting and Posing

The books are full of photography tips, some essential … Mead says shooting from a boat poses a few challenges, especially when it comes to keeping your camera dry. “There are a lot of waterproof …

Challenge On Nature Photography Challenge On nature photography #12. posted by Christian C. Berclaz in Gear / Asia / Canon / Avians / Singapore / Animals / Location / Photo tagged with ChallengeOnNaturePhotography On Mar 07 2016. I was challenged Karin Vo Van to post one photo a day for a week and pass
Best Wedding Photography Lens Photography project theme ideas The first night of the conference fell on St. Patrick’s Day, so organizers opted to incorporate the holiday into the party theme … challenge of this project." The second party’s lighting took on … Ranging from 1800s photo projects to modern day selfies … Both the

Getting to grips with your photo-editing software can be quite a challenge if you’re just getting started. In this tutorial …

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