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Carter said the largest concentration of meth labs that are dismantled are discovered … the Marion company’s vice president. Cooper’s company has gone as far as Sioux City and Minnesota to clean up …

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EDGECOMBE COUNTY, NC (WITN) – A meth … cleanup tonight. The Greensboro company was unavailable, so one from Spartanburg, SC had to be called. A husband and wife who live at the home, Richard and …

A company that provides crime-scene cleanup, hoarding cleanup, mold remediation and meth-lab decontamination services has opened a Georgia franchise location in Alpharetta. Spaulding Decon franchisee …

View the AccuMeth®4-Part and AccuMeth®5, 4-Part instructional video. Keep in mind, although the video demonstrates an AccuMeth®4-Part Composite meth test kit, the procedure is the same for the AccuMeth®5, 4-Part Composite meth test kit.

meth lab cleanup company now offers several meth residue test kits for screening suspect properties. accumeth® brand kits provide reliable on-site, instant meth test results. MethAsssure® samples are sent to a laboratory for analysis.

Meth Lab Cleanup Company is committed to maintaining the confidentiality and integrity of personal information about our current and prospective customers. We are proud of our service and we will strive to protect the value of your property.

Clandestine Lab Cleanup (Methamphetamine Lab) Meth Lab Cleanup Company. Home / Services / Meth Lab Cleanup Company. … These services are offered in the 50 states and our meth lab cleanup services can turn a previously unsafe area into a place where people can live without being exposed to health hazards.

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Meth Lab Cleanup Company Welcomes You. Meth Lab Cleanup is the company you are looking for; full service, meth test kits and online meth lab cleanup training.

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