How To Make A Photocopy

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Feb 03, 2009  · There are two parts to making a photocopy, though they may be rather simultaneous: scanning, akin to taking a photograph, and printing, which is actually making the copy. The desired result is that a copy be produced/made.

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How to make a photocopy; How to make a photocopy. Method 1. Optionally set Media Size to desired paper size; Press Scan button; press print button; method 2. open input tab; Press Advanced button; Change Task to Copy to printer; Press Scan; Was this helpful? Yes No. Related How-To Guides. How to scan a PDF Document;

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You have two choices for making photocopies: place your ECU 1 card into the machine next to the photocopier and add money (machine takes $1, $5, and old $10 and $20 bills) OR; Purchase a copy card from the machine. The card will cost $1 and you will have $0.70 left to make copies.

Press the COPY button to reset the magnification to 100%. Use the (-) (+) button or the Numeric buttons to specify the number of copies. Press the Color button for color copying, or the Black button for black & white copying.

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