Furnace Keeps Shutting Off And Needs To Be Reset

6 Answers. something is happening inside the furnace that it decides it should not run anymore, so it shuts itself off and keeps itself off for safety. for example, if it’s a gas furnace, you might have low gas pressure due to a faulty regulator or clogged jet and the flame is not sustainable.

the forced hot air furnace in my rental unit keeps resetting. the forced hot air furnace in my rental unit keeps resetting the breaker every 10 to 12 hours. In the past, if it did that, I would replace the filter and it would be fine for months.

Meanwhile, the combustion byproducts are removed from your house through the furnace vent connector and vent. When the inside temperature reaches the setting on the thermostat, the furnace shuts off …

Furnace Keeps Shutting Off - Furnace Repair Furnace shuts off – won’t restart without reset. It was replaced with a slightly cooler switch (220F). The furnace guy said it would work the same. I don’t know if there is any connection. The furnace is a concord 90% efficient, gas fired, forced hot air unit with a White-Rodgers mercury switch thermostat, 5 …

For 1% of the time during winter, you might need … a furnace is over-sized, it spends a large portions of its running hours in the ‘warming up’ phase. Once it reaches a steady temp, the thermostat …

Thanks, it is a Becket burner.. now if you give the model number off the same tag I can look it up and see if it has flame sensor ROD or an infra red flame sensing eye. In either case they need to be cleaned off. That would be step one of our work. If that fails we need to look into other potential causes.

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A new furnace or new windows … (A small sensor in one of the panels shuts down the system at night or when it’s cloudy.) This arrangement requires virtually no maintenance, is unobtrusive …

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We woke up one morning at 4:30am and the gas furnace had shut off and would not turn over. We had a guy come in at 5:30am to look over it and said it was the pressure switch that was stuck closed. So we paid $360 for a new switch to have a different guy to find another problem with the main computer board.

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